Cutlery Drawer: Declutter and Organize Silverware


My silverware drawer is probably one of the most frequently opened drawers in the house – why keep looking at a mess that many times a day? And why did I have so many forks?

Simple organization with a big pay off! Can you think of an area in your home that you access often but aren't happy with? Give the steps a try and see if you can add a little more functionality to your home.

Products Mentioned:

Shelf Liner: Dollar Tree but here is a similar product:

Small containers (the ones that fit and didn't fit): Dollar Tree

Cutlery Organizer: or – I got mine from Target several years ago.

Reusable Stainless Steel Straws:

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I'm a stay at home mom to two girls — a toddler and a baby. I breastfeed, cloth diaper, practice elimination communication (as a way to not clean poop), and shop at Dollar Tree a little too often. I think living with less is the best way to feel like you have more; to feed your soul; to more easily seek deeper meaning in life; to be happier. See how that conflicts with Dollar Tree — it's complicated people. I believe a clear countertop can lead to a clear mind — really. I have a love hate relationship with my naturally curly hair. I used to hate crafting and had more fails than wins, but I've found a way to enjoy it and look forward to making things with my hands. I'm a former public school teacher who is considering homeschooling — don't tell my colleagues. I believe children should experience education, not simply “get” one. I sometimes struggle to find my purpose. I forget to enjoy the journey and rather focus on the outcome. I believe you can better yourself and strengthen your mind and I want to share my process, experiences, and thoughts as a way to continue to grow. I seek deeper meaning (but dang — sometimes I need a break from that too and just want to watch Nacho Libre and have a good laugh) and conversation but don't have people to converse with — so join me, will you?


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  1. Reply
    Momma Schmooze Reviews January 9, 2018 at 10:43 am

    we use butter knives a lot but it differs with what your family uses:) ahhh love organizing! love watching people organize, get me inspired. i need to do an organizing video soon. I usually organize and forget to video:(

  2. Clever idea to move the straws. Thumbs up!

  3. Got me motivated to do my kitchen drawers . Tfs

  4. I could probably get away with having 1 butter knife because we have steak knives for cutting which are already used rarely. Really, what do people use them for?

  5. Reply
    Simpler Greener Mummy January 9, 2018 at 10:43 am

    In the UK, we always use both a dinner knife and fork to eat: fork goes in the left hand, knife in the right. I always used to watch American TV and think how strange it was that they just used a fork in their right hand, then when I moved to the US for a few years I realised that's how almost everyone in the US eats, even cutting with the knife in the right then putting it down and picking up the fork again, I thought it was so bizarre but slowly over time I became more of a single fork eater and now sometimes I still do just use a fork to eat. I love the little quirks of culture! …and now I'm off to clean out my cutlery drawer 😉

  6. I bet if you really thought about it you could get rid of the "baby" cutlery too! No reason your girls can't use your smaller spoons and a regular fork. We keep no special "children's" cutlery or plates/glasses in our house and have never had a problem! Love your channel!

  7. We use our butter knives a lot but we use them for more than just butter. I love watching your organizing and decluttering videos!

  8. The forks are dinner forks, the longer tines, and salad forks or also used as a dessert like cake fork the size it looks like you kept. It would have had a dinner knife for meat and larger veggie cutting on a plate and a butter knife. Some large sets also have iced tea or dessert spoons with long handles, and cocktail forks that look like baby forks. This might be of interest to some.

  9. Ahhh….This is a very satisfying video…I love cleaning/ organizing videos!

  10. I like your thinking, great tips.

  11. So true, we use straws way more than knives, too – gonna go move my straws to the front of the drawer right now! 🙂

  12. Those are dinner knives. 🙂 A butter knife has a short handle with a curved sharp edge for slicing through hard cold butter. We use dinner knives at every meal and only set the table with a steak (aka sharp) knife when we have tough/thick meat such as steak or pork. You did a good job of decluttering, I didn't know they made reusable straws. Putting those on my wish list. Thanks for sharing!

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