Hope you all love this DIY kitchen remodel! this should be the first of many videos as my kitchen needs a lot of TLC! everything is super affordable and user friendly! Hope you enjoy!
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  1. Nice. How is the cabinet paint holding up. TFS

  2. Hey, arent you Bdubs sis?

  3. I just love you and your videos! Love your style/taste? So fun! Thank you for sharing your life with us. Keep up all of your hard work and dedication❤️??

  4. Great job it looks good!

  5. You can sand down the hinge area and repaint over it flat

  6. Lush! Just moved house need to paint my yuck green kitchen! ..I'm just wondering how the chalk paint lasted the time test did it get marks ? .. also how have you managed to prop up -keep the plastic sheet in place to protect the draws from painting the counter tops? And last but not least! How did you paint and keep the grout lines so neat and clean???! ?☺️☺️ Hope you reply! ?

  7. Has any of the paint chipped from the counters?

  8. Great work! It's amazing how just a little work can go a long way. Your project seems to have turned out nice.

  9. Use a paint remover on the hedges….. go to lowe's

  10. how did this hold up?

  11. omg your counters before looked ugly mine similar but in blue horrible.

  12. wow I didn't know painting ur counter top would look so good! we were gonna buy quarts counters but I guess we can save 5,000 dollars now lol

  13. I love how you just jump right in and do many other videos that I've seen just so much talking with no real information..

    we are moving into a circa 1970 kitchen that's been very I'm excited to get in and work on it

  14. you did such a great have definitely inspired me to remodel the kitchen in my house .

  15. Wow ! What a difference, nice job.

  16. I love how your kitchen came out!! This is exactly what I wanted to do to my kitchen but I was waiting until I could afford new countertops.  I never thought of painting them!  I think I am going to give this a try!  What color did you use for the countertops?? I love it!!

  17. I just painted my dining room table and a desk with chalk paint!! It's addicting! Lol the kitchen looks awesome!!

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    sleekmodernchic luxe December 4, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    Awesome job, you'll save alot of $$$ on not having to hire contractors. My husband and I found that with a little research you can do a ton by yourself. Can't wait for part 2. I would like to humbly recommend changing out the sink and faucet, its not super expensive but it gives the kitchen a huge facelift.

  19. You're almost at 1000 subs, SO PROUD
    I remember when you only had 42
    Love you Abby

  20. What a difference! Great job? I think you should change the outlet covers to the stainless steel ones? & add pretty silver door handles!! Can't wait to see the finished look☺️❤️xoxo

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