How to Remodel Your Kitchen on a Budget | Two Tone Cabinets | Dream Kitchen Remodel


Let's DIY together:
Countertops by Chop Bloc:

Learn how I transformed an outdated and ugly kitchen into a trendy modern paradise for under $4500!

Day 1: Demo Day!
We ripped out the countertops, all the tile backsplash and the sink.

Day 2: We laid out the plywood which will support the new Chop Bloc countertops.

Day 3: If you've ever thought about tackling a tile project yourself, you should! It's not terribly difficult and it's very rewarding. So save yourself some money and Do-It-Yourself! Home Depot even has free classes and there a million and one tutorials online that can help guide you. You will need a tile saw or a grinder like the one I used in this video. I went with white subway tiles for a clean modern look. They were also inexpensive.

Day 4: Painting the cabinets!
I decided after a lot of thinking that I didn't want Ikea cabinets. My cabinets were in good shape and I like the idea of knowing my kitchen is totally unique and not like every other remodeled kitchen out there. So I opted to sand, prime and repaint my cabinets. Prepping for painting takes a lot longer than actually painting. Apply two light coats and make sure to wear a mask or respirator!

Day 5: Countertops!
My ABSOLUTE favorite day! We finished installing the Chop Bloc mahogany countertops and they're so smooth and perfect. I couldn't believe how rich the colors were after I applied the mineral oil. It was amazing!

Disclaimer: I received a discount from Chop Bloc in exchange for producing one of three videos. I really love and highly recommend their butcher block products.


  1. You should just do the work and cut the "cute" comments out… my opinion ….good job!


  3. That is amazing

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    Shark with freakin' Lazer bream November 23, 2017 at 8:21 am

    Great job . Love that you did what worked for you not what the current trend is . I also love the wood counters but it wouldn’t work work in my kitchen since we do a lot cooking and projects in ours . My kids also cook with me so those won’t last at our house

  5. What a beautiful job! Your kitchen is gorgeous. What thickness is your mahogany counter? And who did the sink cutout? It looks difficult to get a perfect cut that will later rest squarely on the sink to serve as a fitted cutting board.

  6. I hope the quality of the kitchen remodeling budget does not affect the over-all performance.

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    I like apples I like apples November 23, 2017 at 8:21 am

    Simple but effective finish

  8. Looks like water through time will damage that countertop

  9. Came out great!

  10. Superb! Brilliant transformation!

  11. I am so jealous at the same time impressed. Great job!

  12. love it this came out sooooo cheap now my kitchen is sleying this house just like you, LOVE YA

  13. What a beautiful job.

  14. Wont the counter top scratch and stain over time?

  15. Did the total include the appliances? Great colors!

  16. Very NICE!!!

  17. Looks great, good job!!

  18. 0:39 nice straight cut !

  19. Fantastic video! Really shows how it's not necessary to break the bank to have a great kitchen. Good job with keeping the originality of the cabinets and adding your own style. Quite an inspiring remodel video.

  20. Gorgeous! Just subbed!

  21. I love it! INSPIRATION

  22. Beautiful.?

  23. Stunning!!!

  24. What's the Square footage?

  25. Cool work and beautiful wood style

  26. who has the best deals for cabinets

  27. i want your kitchen

  28. Girl, you did a pretty good job ive seen some shitty taste on youtube but yours came together pretty nicely

  29. Wood does not seem sanitary in the kitchen.

  30. Caitlin… I love that Tanoa 🙂

  31. That is awesome! Just bought our first house and the kitchen is ugly as hell but the woodwork is still good. I am still considering buying Ikea doors, but this really gave me some inspirations. Absolutely love the dark cabinets!

  32. Awesome transformation!

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