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  19. What size what this kitchen?

  20. Love it… much did this cost you….if you don’t mind

  21. Should use a counter-depth fridge instead!

  22. Excellent work!  Can you share your budget on this project?  Labor, materials, etc?  Thanks!

  23. How much space is between your times on the counter?

  24. Love the camera/editing technique. So cool. The kitchen is pretty too 🙂

  25. Amazing Remodeling!

  26. Absolutely amazing!

  27. great job. i love the cabinets around the window, that was a great touch.

  28. this guy is a champion…fast and accurate.

  29. How much did the whole renovation cost? :O

  30. I would've torn down that wall in the back to open up the space some more. Thats the biggest mistake you made. You have a really nice kitchen now but its closed off and completely isolated in one room of the house. It would've required more planning and creativity and cost a bit more but would've looked absolutely stunning.

  31. Very nice!

  32. Fantastic work! You really managed to bring a lot of character and functionality to this kitchen. Great work on the video as well.

  33. Looks great, but why not use a black outlet on the end of the peninsula? @ 21m24s

  34. felicidades genio!

  35. great upgrade, also great video structure to have it time lapsed from start to end with a lot of handy narration/explanation.

    was the backsplash also ikea?

  36. Nice. mice, nice.

  37. It must be nice to have all these friends with specialty knowledge. Gorgeous results! I realize cost was a big factor when designing the project, but the tiled counter top kind of cheapens the overall appearance

  38. 17 days for a kitchen remodel is impressive! Well done . We love the time-lapse as a way to show all the work you did!

  39. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have been looking for a complete kitchen remodeling and your project provided great insight. I learn about the effort and the order of things I need to, what to do first and so on.

  40. hii I am from North India … its really very beautiful work. Please if you have some ideas for low budget. we are right now on renting place but now i want my small house in small budget☺may God bless you and your work.

  41. I really wanna know the cost of this remodeling. my kitchen is smaller than yours and Im thinking of remodeling it..

  42. Your kitchen is larger than my whole apartment…

  43. How much did this remodel cost you?

  44. Beautiful…

  45. Great job and narration.

  46. Your voice is so calm and soothing, I actually fell asleep. Awesome job with the kitchen!! It's beautiful!

  47. Wow ..I wish my husband could do something like this. That looked like it was a forever task…..Amazing!!

  48. I would put a darker, contrasting colored valance over the double windows to the left of the kitchen. The room seems a bit unbalanced. I realize you're concentrating on the kitchen and may not have done anything yet to the windows. Just a suggestion! The kitchen is beautiful! 🙂

  49. Can you make another without smaking your fucking lips every sentence

  50. Amazing job! What was the total cost?

  51. I've never heard of fork splines before, just tines.

  52. Wow that was cool

  53. I now want to go cut open my butter knifes to find out if there is sand in it

  54. SPORK


  55. Imagine getting your hand crushed on those machines

  56. That is some shitty cutlery.

  57. I kept thinking those forks looked very weird and it took me till basically the final shot to notice it's because they have 5 prongs not 4 like every single fork I've ever owned or used.

  58. There's sand in my butter knives

  59. What the FORK is this?

  60. Pott Bestecke

  61. > Do you want to keep your small kitchen nice and tidy? Think of wall mounted plate racks and open shelves.

    That’s a right smart way to not keep a tidy looking kitchen…

  62. In case the time has come for you to get that new cooking area your home has been longing for, it is wise to consider a bespoke design. Correct planning and execution of such task is required in order for you to have the perfect dining area. You certainly would like to combine practicality with design. After all, the kitchen is the primary room of your residence. You will be spending time in it everyday. As such, it is good to consider a bespoke design, because it will greatly benefit you.

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  65. LOVE that island. Looks incredible with the waterfall feature. Such a great choice.

  66. I'd love one of those stoves but they're so expensive. kitchen is a little too white for my taste but it still looks beautiful.

  67. Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing..for Kitchens Renovations in North Rocks, visit:

  68. I'm glad they said to always stick to the budget. On so many renovation shows they always go over the budget and make it seem like its common but it's definitely possible to stay within budget and get a beautiful home.

  69. What was the budget?

  70. Great video, although, all those women looked exactly alike.

  71. Love Kai's kitchen, but there's not much counter space and the sink is quite small. It does suit that small space though!

  72. I'm redoing my kitchen right now and have incorporated ALL the money and time saving tips. I bought cabinets from Habitat ReStore, which were reconfigured and I'm painting, I'm installing a pot filler and went with a smaller, but more modern refrigerator, and I'm actually using vinyl tile to create a herringbone flooring! one of my family members said my U-shaped to L-shaped kitchen with the wall removed now looks like the way it should have been made when the house was built!! We're half way done!!

  73. Is there no vent hood above the stove?

  74. best video ever on the topic of kitchen reno!! more videos like this please!

  75. I liked the budget one best.

  76. Reply
    A S T Y L E R E E L by Shannon Kylí November 21, 2017 at 10:17 pm

    These ladies really know what they're doing, each kitchen was so well done. Loved the money saving tips. xoxo

  77. So since I have a small home and don't have space for all you said I shouldn't bother?

  78. This is all just common sense ? If you are too narrow-minded to think ahead, you deserve your shitty kitchen.

  79. See…..right there….thats why I'm such a successful high end cabinetmaker….I ONLY charge more for changes AFTER the cabinet has been built. I meet my clients on-site, and i show up with story sticks to give them a better idea of the finished product (especially the overall size/location of the appliances and larger cabinets….such as pantries)..(your client does not have the same visualization skills that you have when it comes to the finished product)…..Rough Story Sticks Help Them GREATLY when on site, I invite my clients into my shop during the process, and encourage changes before its too late….trust me you will have SUPER happy clients if you go the extra mile in the planning stages

  80. Everything he says are correct! Even I can testify that.

  81. Reply
    Lorraine Fletcher Jarron November 21, 2017 at 11:36 pm

    the island has to be in relationship to the size of the kitchen, not a useless measurement. A size ratio, like how much room between other cupboards, minimum and maximum, door opening of appliances etc.

  82. Garbage cans in cabinets is a waste of space and a guaranteed mess. Keep a separate container outside the cabinets, empty it regularly and replace it when it is unmanageable.

  83. Biggest mistake is buying any of the cupboard handles shown or those hideous gold taps.
    They are a crime against humanity!

  84. This is a great introductory video for anyone thinking about remodeling their kitchen! We agree about the dimensions of the kitchen island. The homeowner should really think about how they want to use the kitchen before making any major decisions!

  85. You must be stupid of you don't take measurements before you remodel anything

  86. Great informational video! There's some great advise here, when it comes to remodeling a kitchen. For those who don't know where to find a good contractor, visit Home Advisor. We always refer to them for finding a quality, local contractor/handyman.

  87. These tips still hold true in 2017! Good advice on kitchen islands, too.

  88. Got an up to date video?

  89. 2:15, that's some cringe-worthy knife handling.

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    bathroom vanity ckitchen nations mi. I have a lot more to do it for

  91. dang those women are scary

  92. why are they cutting the pepper like that?!

  93. Nothing I haven't thought of. This is just common sense. Why would you even remodel a kitchen without the dimensions in mind?

  94. Did anyone else notice when they were interviewing people the people were reading from a script. You can see their eyes tracking back and fourth. That's something most people do not do when they are giving their honest opinion, looks kind of set up to me.

  95. One more advice: never trust ratings and reliability of a contractor on the internet.Trust me, I'm giving you good advice.

  96. Reply
    Golden Acre Renovations November 21, 2017 at 11:36 pm

    Very helpful! #GoldenAcreRenovations

  97. Reply
    Valley Home Improvement November 21, 2017 at 11:36 pm

    This is a must-watch for homeowners who plan to remodel their kitchens.

  98. Great video
    Real Home Remodeling – Check us out

    Home Additions – Add a Levels and Complete Home Remodeling
    Meet David P

  99. I wouldn’t eat in that kitchen!

  100. This is awesome, well done

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  102. lapka w ciemno

  103. But how can this filter save 26 doller?

  104. Once I started playing this video, I couldn't stop watching.

  105. do u have ur office in pune

  106. should have installed wood instead of vinyl

  107. thamx

  108. my kitchen is small and also budjert problem so what can I do?

  109. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing..for Kitchen Remodeler in North Rocks, visit:

  110. i would of knocked down that wall and put a island?it would of looked even better

  111. Beautiful!

  112. What was the ballpark cost of this reno? If you don't mind me asking 🙂

  113. What colour cabinets did you choose?

  114. Were the cabinets and countertops from IKEA?

  115. In the photo, i highlighted white boards/shelves that I have in my kitchen cabinet. I want to order more of these, in a couple different sizes but don’t know of any websites to look at.

    Any suggestions for any stores in Canada or any websites where I can order some?

    Thanks in advanced, Kitchen sub!

  116. I’m on the run and don’t have time to look into your design further but this is very possible. You’re looking at a cantilevered design. Under the countertop there is a sub-surface. It’s often plywood. With high-use locations and your cantilevered overhang, I’ve used a custom sheet of steel which is costly but super durable, dimensionally stable, and doesn’t flex. You might have to run some steel tubes under the sheet as joists for the surface.

    When using a steel sheet, anchor the sheet to the underlying cabinets/supports with beefy screws and construction adhesive. To attach your finish surface to the steel sheet, use liberal amount of construction adhesive and edge retention clips. You’ll be able to stand on that lip and jump up and down.

  117. Beautiful work, your back must be killing you each night.

  118. How much did the entire renovation cost you?

  119. i love your work and i think your putting to much content in one video maybe try breaking it down in steps like your previous videos ….im a contractor also and i know how to do the work but it just seemed like everything was fastforwarded and I really just love seeing other people work because every contractor has different techniques …so as a fan of your work ill just like to see alittle more of your techniques ….lol i really wanted to see how soon you wipe your grout up but great videos

  120. omg that motar mix was so smooth for tile sub flooring …i clapped lol good job but where did the vision for this project come from…. .homeowner.designer ???? or are you just gifted like me

  121. Do you use Urethane grout? I have such a hard time in timing it to keep the tile clean while not dragging the grout out of the gaps.

  122. Fantastic work & great video!

  123. Not gonna lie I'm 12 and I love your channel

  124. Craig you are AMAZING!!! So detailed, So pristine, I love your work!! Keep the videos coming!

  125. Lippage fer sure. House looks good

  126. A true work of art!

  127. I've watched all 4parts an I Love Love love your work! You and your team are amazazing. Random question for you, has anyone ever told you, you resemble Michael Keaton?

  128. appreciate the videos and great design. Now subscribed.

  129. good job i like

  130. Reply
    renaissance development llc. November 22, 2017 at 10:19 am

    very gifted contractor…. definitely set the bar high!

  131. You really do excellent work. Amazing video and very good instructions. Thank you!

  132. great content

  133. how much do you charge per sq foot tile? I'm just curious to what a pro like you is worth. Also everything looks amazing on to part 2!

  134. Nice job. I've got a lot to learn.

  135. Hey craig. Love all your videos. Question, from all the tile guys I've watched, they say you need to use a larger trowel size for those tiles. Any reason you chose the size trowel you use?

  136. could tell us what the tile name and brand? Thanks, learning alot.

  137. can't wait to see the finish projects….thanks for sharing

  138. Hi Craig. This is a fantastic video. I like the looks of the tile you used on the floor. What was the time-line for the first part? Can you give this novice any tips on laying this type of tile? Thanks.

  139. Video too short!!! Upload more videos please!!! Fantastic work!! Regards from uruguay

  140. am I watching the same video as everyone else? I could never get away with doing a floor with so much lippage! if you walked across that floor barefoot you either would trip or cut your feet. if doing a plank tile at those lenghts, you must use a leveling system to flatten the joints in a staggered, random, or brick lay. now if you did it just as a straight lay, you can get away without the clips. once again, set it and forget tile job and people love it? seriously this is a master craftsman?

  141. Marvelous work. Is the second coming? thanks

  142. Reply
    Arca Decks e Construções November 22, 2017 at 10:19 am

    bealtful renovation

  143. Everything is well demonstrated 🙂

  144. Reply
    Silvaraci Designer - USA November 22, 2017 at 11:19 am

    Beautifuly done!

  145. How much was the total remodelling budget?

  146. hola y para las cocinas pequeñas y funcionales  como  decorarlas de 3×3

  147. Reply
    A Serious Salamander November 22, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    Hi Chef Tony Matassa 🙂

  148. I think wusthof classic 3 piece knive set is best

  149. buy custom and never look back!

  150. whustof are a "bit" overpriced,but you can't find a better knife maker in europe.
    anyway the best knife steel type price/performance is the VG-10,and you can only find it in japanese knives.
    I didn't said it's the best,but it's not hard to sharpen and don't cost a fortune.

  151. Reply
    Getting Healthy With Mary November 22, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    Choosing the right knives for your personal needs won't up your ante in the kitchen if you're using sub-par equipment. I'm not a professional chef but swear by WUSTHOF, a German brand that uses the best of Western and Japanese technology. I use their Classic line and these are seriously the best knives I've ever owned…professional quality handmade forged stainless steel with a laser-cut blade that maintains it's edge and cuts through anything with ease. They're a bit on the pricey side but will last a lifetime and are well worth the investment for anyone looking to improve their performance int he kitchen. You can see more about WUSTHOF here:
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  152. Has anyone tried the Schmidt Brothers?

  153. Anyone ever check out Keramikos Ceramic Blades?

  154. Both of my parents love to cook and I was thinking about getting them a high quality cutlery set for christmas this year. That being said, as a college student with limited funds I don't want to go over $100. Can anyone think of a set that might fit?

  155. Reply
    Ashish TiwariQuerevalú November 22, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    Wonderchef Sabateir Trompette 5 Pc Knife Block Set I want to buy this set is really this knife is reliable and and good performance  because I want to buy but in my budget and specially which really value for money please help me and sugges me

  156. Impressive knives! 😉

  157. Japan makes the very best knives and their best knives are forged out of Hitachi carbon steel, like White #1,2 and Blue #2 and Aogami Super. However, you can't use a steel of any kind to sharpen them. You must master freehand water stone sharpening or send your knives out to a professional to sharpen them. You will never look at a European knife, after using a good Japanese knife and I'm not talking about a Shun or a Global. 

  158. wusthof classic ikon is bolsterless yet he said it is

  159. Thanks for the great tips! Of course I now want to go buy new knives Grrrrr…

  160. You should just do the work and cut the "cute" comments out… my opinion ….good job!

  161. SO HANDY WOMEN????

  162. That is amazing

  163. Reply
    Shark with freakin' Lazer bream November 23, 2017 at 8:21 am

    Great job . Love that you did what worked for you not what the current trend is . I also love the wood counters but it wouldn’t work work in my kitchen since we do a lot cooking and projects in ours . My kids also cook with me so those won’t last at our house

  164. What a beautiful job! Your kitchen is gorgeous. What thickness is your mahogany counter? And who did the sink cutout? It looks difficult to get a perfect cut that will later rest squarely on the sink to serve as a fitted cutting board.

  165. I hope the quality of the kitchen remodeling budget does not affect the over-all performance.

  166. Reply
    I like apples I like apples November 23, 2017 at 8:21 am

    Simple but effective finish

  167. Looks like water through time will damage that countertop

  168. Came out great!

  169. Superb! Brilliant transformation!

  170. I am so jealous at the same time impressed. Great job!

  171. love it this came out sooooo cheap now my kitchen is sleying this house just like you, LOVE YA

  172. What a beautiful job.

  173. Wont the counter top scratch and stain over time?

  174. Did the total include the appliances? Great colors!

  175. Very NICE!!!

  176. Looks great, good job!!

  177. 0:39 nice straight cut !

  178. Fantastic video! Really shows how it's not necessary to break the bank to have a great kitchen. Good job with keeping the originality of the cabinets and adding your own style. Quite an inspiring remodel video.

  179. Gorgeous! Just subbed!

  180. I love it! INSPIRATION

  181. Beautiful.?

  182. Stunning!!!

  183. What's the Square footage?

  184. Cool work and beautiful wood style

  185. who has the best deals for cabinets

  186. i want your kitchen

  187. Girl, you did a pretty good job ive seen some shitty taste on youtube but yours came together pretty nicely

  188. Wood does not seem sanitary in the kitchen.

  189. Caitlin… I love that Tanoa 🙂

  190. That is awesome! Just bought our first house and the kitchen is ugly as hell but the woodwork is still good. I am still considering buying Ikea doors, but this really gave me some inspirations. Absolutely love the dark cabinets!

  191. Awesome transformation!

  192. ……

  193. I like the compilation, great inspiration! Really liked the pink theme as a children’s room!

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  197. Reply
    Tamilselvi Tamilselvi November 25, 2017 at 10:45 am


  198. Reply
    Abdennaceur Ben Fradj November 25, 2017 at 10:45 am


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    प्रविण देवकर November 25, 2017 at 10:45 am

  205. very nice coloring❤❤❤❤

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    .l v

  210. uhm!!!

  211. k??????????????☺????frhg


  212. It really is so beautiful! Love that you have the pantry with the pull-out drawers…I was SO surprised though when you took down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room and then put it back up! I thought it looked amazing all open. And I was equally surprised that you didn't take down the wall between the kitchen and the lliving room…. dont get me wrong, it is just beautiful but I find it fascinating how we all have different priorities! You must be so happy in there! Congratulations on a beautiful job!

  213. Hello. I have a question what is the kitchen model?

  214. Beautiful!

  215. i love everything about this kitchen!

  216. what are the dimensions of your kitchen? Mainly just curious in width… I am looking to install a small island. Love your remodel!

  217. Are you happy with appliances?

  218. Where is your chalkboard from? (By fridge)

  219. Kitchen tour please and also the Ikea name of the kitchen cabinets. My wife and I are looking at a remodel and wanted to know the name of cabinets. Yours looks fabulous!!

  220. What an amazing use of space; it really feels much more open compared to what it was before. Love all the finishes–quality will always stand the test of time!

  221. Wow ★ your new kithen is amazing! ♥★

  222. We are in the process of our Ikea kitchen at the moment but my husband and brother-in-law are doing the install which saved us a lot of money but is taking a little bit longer. I will be so happy when it is done. Love how yours turned out!

  223. LOVE IT??

  224. Hi from the uk, absolutely love your kitchen, could you tell me the name of it and the name of the worktop please ?xx

  225. Dream kitchen ??????

  226. It's so pretty!! We used Ikea to redo our Kitchen too!! Love that place!!

  227. Absolutely beautiful!!!!  Love it.

  228. May I please know the total cost of renovating your kitchen ?

  229. Beautiful! I can't wait to start on my kitchen. I think I will check out Ikea.

  230. Under cabinets lighting

  231. Congratulations it is beautiful ?

  232. Quick question! How much did it cost to achieve that dream kitchen? I love it so much!

  233. Loveeee the kitchen. Definitely a motivation to remodel ours!

  234. It looks absolutely beautiful and what a great transformation! Did IKEA also design and installed everything? Loving your channel and just subscribed ?

  235. Reply
    Claudia Vasquez-Smith November 26, 2017 at 8:19 pm

    Love the white cabinets, great choice!

  236. How much the IKEA kitchen costs?

  237. #Contractors Bidding Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching! 😉 @GottaShopIt com

  238. Reply
    Golden Acre Renovations November 27, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    Excellent tips, thank you! #GoldenAcreRenovations

  239. This really helped! Thanks!

  240. Excellent and nicely done! Thanks for sharing this.

  241. Reply
    Hriczo's Construction, LLC November 27, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    Great tips for consumers! Most of the time I have calls from people who never did any remodeling project. Starting involvement in the process increses responsibility and make things flow easier for both side.

  242. thanks for the tips…, nowadays is not easy to find good reliable kitchen remodeling contractor

  243. Absolutely! 😉

  244. Budgeting is very important before you start your kitchen remodeling project.

  245. I'm trying to use the software and I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. I told the software to show me what to do and its still not working right.

  246. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching! 😉

  247. Great tips. I appreciate you sharing.

  248. That is great. Thanks for the referrals. There is way more that going into this than most people think. Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment.

  249. More great tips. We often refer people who are undecided about the direction of their kitchen remodel to these videos. Once they are grounded in what they need to consider and make some initial decisions, selecting cabinets goes a lot faster.

  250. Thanks for chiming in with that tip! 🙂

  251. I used homestyler when we remodeled our kitchen. It was a helpful little tool and helped us visualize the new layout much better.

  252. Thanks for watching! 🙂

  253. These tips are on the money. It is all about detailed planning.

  254. hi nice video and thanks for the link

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  256. This could help many people, sir.

  257. Great video! You should add to contractortube. com

  258. @bluedevil497 Thank you!

  259. @pooldige You're welcome!!! 🙂

  260. @HowdiniGuru I'm glad that you're not offended and that you'll accept positive or negative feedbacks/comments. Do you have any designs with bars? I love grapes and wine bottles/glasses arts sketches etc… Thank you for posting!

  261. @lindavero4 Thanks! 🙂

  262. @SkreetGil It's not for everyone – thanks for your comment! 🙂

  263. @JoanJoan1997 Right there with you Joan

  264. @ajhersi Your welcome!

  265. @kevico2 Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  266. Our kitchen is so small, I wish we had a bigger kitchen. Ours is like a walk in closet.

  267. Uggghh, I don't like the "hanging dead fish" design in the background!

  268. Remember Homestyler is free – have fun with designing your dream kitchen! Check out the link in the description.

    Thanks for watching!

  269. Looks like maple. If they are solid maple its the easiest to paint. Put some fresh hardware on them, pulls or cups put some nice cove crown moulding ontop. Do countertops and floors and call it a day.

  270. Thanks for watching folks! If you want to have a Barrathon, you can watch the rest of the kitchen gadget testing videos here on this playlist
    Hope you have a great day – i'll be retesting the robot one with a sugar cookie recipe I reckon.

  271. Hello my name is Marc turner and I am a new subscriber and I like watching your videos

  272. you need wash a vegetable (salad)

  273. soak the peanuts first! just saying like you were going to make your own nut milk also use peanut oil instead of just any oil match to your nuts XD or coconut oil works too

  274. You used the oil dropping device the wrong way

  275. All the moaning… ? lol

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    I'm looking forward to learning more from you as we continue remodeling our California ranch style home (a 1959 beauty purchased from the original owner who designed it) over the next few years.

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  457. Reply
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  482. Part 15C was posted 28 Feb 2016; in all it took Frank about year, plus or minus the planning time. For scale, if I were to undertake this project, it would never be finished… Well done!

  483. mypkworld. com

  484. You can make a segmented bowl out of 50 types of wood in some crazy pattern but THAT'S YOUR KITCHEN!? Was. …THAT WAS YOUR KITCHEN!? I guess the builder's home gets done last. Treasure your missus. Mine would round-about kick me in the head if I allowed this much of disrepair. Especially (no offense) in America, where houses are made of (no offense) cardboard. Any water leaks – and it's all rotten. This is part 1. See ya at the bottom of the playlist.

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    bathtub refinishing repair buffalo ny8431 December 11, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    #David Chen I look forward to this! I like what you have planned! @Tim McSwain

  486. Oh ya, yall need a nice new kitchen. You deserve it. Happy for you!!

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  495. I have noticed americans like to put the sink infront of a window before, here (Finland) we always put it against a wall so that we can have the very important drying cabinet (though it also tends to double as storage for misc. items) over the sink area.

    Besides there is only snow and darkness outside half the year so why bother?

  496. I adore Frank and love his videos, style and general way of going about things, but man I do not get his idea for this kitchen. I'd do it completely different. But heck, I'm still gonna enjoy seeing Frank create a badly thought out kitchen. So thanks regardless.

  497. Eager to see how this turns out, you should make a new table too! A big one, maybe one of those circular ones that expand outwards to become bigger.

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    Edit: Before anyone complains, I did see that this kitchen has A vent… but that little thing is definitely not comparable to a real range vent. Glad to see that a range vent is planned for the new kitchen.

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  618. rich people? don't you wish you had the money to tare down a perfectly exstravagent kitchen, just to replace it with another one just as exstravagent! Most of us would have died to have had the one they tore down. I hope they at least donated them to someone.

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