Best Belgian Waffle Maker Reviews 2017


At the 1962’s World’s Fair in Seattle, the Belgian waffle made its American debut.  It took two years and a journey to the east coast of the United States for the popularity of these waffles blossom.  They were first introduced as the Brussels waffle and were served either plain or with sliced strawberries and whipped cream.  It originally was a street or fair food so how did it become a breakfast option? The recipe was changed because the original recipe was rumored to have beer as a special ingredient.  When the method changed, it was much more like pancakes.  Now, weekend breakfasts would not be the same without the comfort food of waffles at least every few weeks.  That golden brown crunch on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside is what makes them so soothing.  Take it over the top with your favorite topping, traditional maple syrup, fruit, powdered sugar, peanut butter, how our list can go on. To achieve a good waffle, even and crisp on the outside and soft fluffy inside, you need the right waffle maker.  Now while traditional waffles do a great job capturing the butter as it melts as well as all the great toppings, Belgian waffles take “treasure dents” to the next level.

There are waffle makers that cook the waffles like a [easyazon_link keywords=”Panini press” locale=”US” tag=”eahome-20″]Panini press[/easyazon_link] and makers that get flip over during the cooking process to make sure the batter is cooked evenly.  Some waffle makers have an automatic shut off.  Clean-up can be made easier with a waffle maker that has removable plates. Removable plates can also add versatility to your waffle maker. Waffle makers cook in the round, square, stick or even shapes and character variety. Continued improvement has been made in the waffle machine.  Many changes are due to good companies who listen to consumer’s needs and wants.

There is a trend in “waffling” all types of food recently. People are coming up with many recipes where a waffle cooker is a form of cooking utensil.  People are taking their ordinary sandwiches, eggs, steak, hash browns, brownies and donuts to the waffle iron.  Using a waffle maker to cook these items, adds additional crunch to the outside while cooking the middle.  A waffle machine’s easy clean up makes cooking a messy open faced tuna melt reality. What a great way to get kids to eat vegetables by “waffling” them.

A Quick Look At Our Favorites

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Waffle Maker Brands

[easyazon_link keywords=”Waring waffle maker” locale=”US” tag=”eahome-20″]Waring[/easyazon_link] is officially known as Waring Commercial Products.  Waring came on to the market introducing the first blender in America. With 75 years of experience, Waring is a leading manufacturer in professional – quality home, food service and laboratory appliances.

[easyazon_link keywords=”Presto waffle maker” locale=”US” tag=”eahome-20″]Presto[/easyazon_link], National Presto Industries, Inc, is known for responding to consumer demands.  Holding stake to a long standing history in innovation Presto is a leader in electric housewares. The company started in 1905 with industrial sized pressure canners.  In 1917 the United States Department of Agriculture gave a huge boost to business by determining that pressure canning was the only safe method of preserving low-acid foods without the possibility of poisoning.

[easyazon_link keywords=”Hamilton Beach waffle maker” locale=”US” tag=”eahome-20″]Hamilton Beach[/easyazon_link], Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc, started with a drink agitator which was used in soda fountains in drug stores around America.  Funny story is that the owner, Frederick J Osius did not like his name so he paid two of his employees,  Louis Hamilton and Chester Beach, to use their names. When the company sold, Osius was able to move to Millionaire’s Row in Miami Beach.

[easyazon_link keywords=”VillaWare waffle maker” locale=”US” tag=”eahome-20″]VillaWare[/easyazon_link], a company with a history of Italian workmanship and expertise in the culinary world, was established in 1905 by an Italian immigrant to the United States.  The first product, of course, was related to pasta.  He invented a hand crank pasta machine. Home cooks and chefs around the world enjoy the fine design, sensibility and robust quality in each of VillaWare’s products.

[easyazon_link keywords=”Oster waffle maker” locale=”US” tag=”eahome-20″]Oster[/easyazon_link] brand is a trademark of Sunbeam Products.  It was founded in 1924 by John Oster who sold manually powered hair clippers and in 4 years he introduced motor-driven clippers.

[easyazon_link keywords=”Cuisinart waffle maker” locale=”US” tag=”eahome-20″]Cuisinart[/easyazon_link] is owned by Conair Corporation. The company started in 1971 with a food processor. It has now become a widely respected name of quality kitchen appliance and gadgets.

Reviews of The Best Belgian Waffle Makers for 2017

     #1 Waring WMk600 Double Belgian Waffle Maker

Best Belgian Waffle Maker for Multiple Waffles $$$

Speed up your cooking time with a DOUBLE Belgian waffle maker. This double-duty waffle maker pushes itself to the top of the list with the ability to cook two one inch deep-pocketed waffles at once.  It also rotates ensuring that both waffles bake evenly.  This waffle maker will alert you with 3 “beep” when they are browned to your favorite level.   They will be cooked to your favorite outer crispiness with a light and fluffy inside.

Waring WMK600 Double Belgian Waffle Maker
2,232 Reviews
Waring WMK600 Double Belgian Waffle Maker
  • Waring Pro WMK600 Double Belgian Waffle Maker; extra-deep 1-inch waffle pockets
  • Nonstick coated waffle grids easily release waffles and makes cleaning effortless
  • Easy-to-handle rotary feature for even baking on top and bottom, 1400 watts of power
  • 2 LED ready indicator lights and 3 audio beep tones signal when each waffle is done
  • Browning control knob; Limited One Year Product Warranty. Kindly refer the user manual below for additional instructions

     #2 Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Best Belgian Waffle Maker for Kitchens Struggling for Storage Space $

The FlipSide makes deep pocket Belgian waffles in minutes.  To make sure the batter is spread evenly this allows you to “Flip” the waffle 180 degrees.  The FlipSide cooks a 7” diameter waffle divided into 4 sections. This waffle maker will beep when waffles are the just the right cook.  You will be pleased with the ease of cleaning. Non-stick cook plates usually just need a damp cloth to wipe them clean.  If you are limited for kitchen storage space, this is a great option for you since it stores upright.

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker,Black
6,289 Reviews
Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker,Black
  • Professional-style rotating design with extra-thick grid bakes a 7-inch diameter Belgian waffle with four easy-to-cut sections
  • Dual function base assures convenient rotation for baking and locks in a space-saving vertical position for storage
  • Countdown timer with digital display signals when time is complete; Brushed stainless steel exterior;
  • Nonstick interior easily wipes clean. Care and Cleaning: Hand wash ; 120 Volts AC, 1100 Watts
  • Flips 180 degrees to evenly spread batter for waffles that are crispy outside and tender inside. Refer the User manual page .2 below for...

     #3 Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker (26010)

Best Belgian Waffle Maker for Easy Clean-Up $

The dishwasher safe removable grids on Hamilton Beach’s Belgian waffle maker are designed for easy clean-up.  Challenges from overfilling are minimized with a covered hinge and a good batter channel.

A thorough cook is achieved with this flip waffle maker. There a green indicator light to alert you when the waffle is cooked to perfection.

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker with Browning Control, Non-Stick Grids, Indicator Lights, Lid Lock and Drip...
623 Reviews
Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker with Browning Control, Non-Stick Grids, Indicator Lights, Lid Lock and Drip...
  • FLIPPING ACTION MAKES THICK, FLUFFY WAFFLES With a little turn of the wrist, you can effortlessly bake thick, golden brown, Belgian-style...
  • EASY-CLEAN NONSTICK GRIDS Remove your waffle easy and ensure no sticking or scrapping When finished, the grids clean up with a simple wipe...
  • ADJUSTABLE BROWNING CONTROL Cook your waffle just the way you want it – lighter or darker
  • INDICATOR LIGHTS Power and ready indicator lights tell you when power is on and when to add batter
  • LID LOCK & DRIP TRAY FOR MESS-FREE COOKING The lid locks securely in place during cooking and flipping, and a removable drip tray catches...

     #4 UNO Belgian Waffler, Round

Best Belgian Waffle Maker for Adjustable Cooking Times $$$$

This Belgian waffle maker has 7 different settings!  The “watching the steam” chore is removed and everyone will get their waffle cooked just the way they like it and you can feel free to take your eyes off the machine.

The UNO Belgian waffle maker is easy to clean with a non-stick cooking surface.  With the cord wrap you will not have to worry about tangled cords in your cupboard.  While this waffle maker may be a little more expensive than the others, the adjustability in temperature as well as its other extras outweighs the extra cost.

VillaWare V2002 UNO Belgian Waffler, Round
314 Reviews
VillaWare V2002 UNO Belgian Waffler, Round
  • 1000 watts of power
  • 7 setting browning control
  • On / off and ready to bake lights
  • Non stick coating
  • Cord wrap

     #5 Waring Pro Stainless Steel Single Belgian Waffle Maker WWM450PC

Best Belgian Waffle Maker for Restaurant Quality $$$$

The non-stick cooking surfaces stand up to berry filled waffles.  It heats up quickly.  You will still be mixing the batter and it will be ready and the LED ready light will go on.  When the waffle is fully cooked the Pro alerts you when the waffles are ready.

The stainless steel waffle maker comes with a brushed die-cast base.  There are no plastic parts to break.

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Honorable Mentions

With so many wonderful Belgian waffle makers on the market, we felt the need to add an additional 4 that just missed the list.

Cuisinart WAF-300P1 Belgian Maker with Pancake Plates waffle Iron, 9.65'(L) x 12.2'(W) x 6.3'(H), Silver
1,033 Reviews
Cuisinart WAF-300P1 Belgian Maker with Pancake Plates waffle Iron, 9.65"(L) x 12.2"(W) x 6.3"(H), Silver
  • Includes a set of 4-slice Belgian waffle plates and a 4-slot pancake plate. Cord length : 36 Inches
  • Nonstick coated removable plates-dishwasher safe ; MC Cubic Feet: 2.00 ; UC Cubic Feet: 0.83
  • Six setting temperature control
  • Ready to Bake/Ready to Eat indicator lights; audible alert
  • Brushed stainless steel top cover; upright storage; tongs and recipe book included.To clean exterior, wipe with a soft dry cloth. Never use...



Waffle Maker Buyers Guide

Step 1 – first you must make the hard decisions

Regular or Belgian – While both styles are made with essentially the same batter mixture, they can taste different when cooked.  A regular waffle is dense while a Belgian waffle is fluffier due to it being bigger and that it raises more when cooking.

Shape – Are you a lover of round or square?  Those are the most common choices.  Recently there have been several different waffle makers, generally regular waffles, resembling icon figures like Star Wars Death Star or Mickey Mouse.  When it comes to shape influencing cooking quality, there really is no difference.  From experience, round seems to be the most common, probably because it is the shape of most plates.

How many – there is some belief that the more you try to cook in one machine the lower quality cook you receive.  I believe there is merit to this.  While machines that cook two waffles at a time can go head-to-head with the single waffle machines, larger quantity machines do lose temperature and quality.  If you have a large family or cook for numbers, it is recommended you by multiple machines versus a machine that cooks MULTIPLE waffles.

Step 2– once you have chosen regular or Belgian, the shape, and one, two or multiple, it is time to get down to the what is going to set your waffle maker apart

Heat Control – every waffle eater has a different “doneness” preference.  If your waffle maker has several different levels you can choose from you will satisfy everyone with ease.

Consistent, Even Heat – if your waffle maker fluctuates in temperature you will end up with an uneven cook or inconsistency in quality.

External Temperature – this is really important to consider if there are young people in your house or you tend to forget what hot pads are for. Some machines to not insulate the heat very well and can be dangerously hot on the outside.

Timer – a timer on your waffle cooker will make sure you get the right amount of cook every time.  While a pro is able to judge by the amount of steam coming out, it is so easy to become distracted while cooking waffles.

NonStick – it doesn’t make sense that you would purchase a waffle iron in today’s market that does not have a non-stick surface.  There is some concern about cooking food at high heats with Teflon or non-stick lining.  Waffle makers do not get to such high heat.  Don’t settle for waffles that end up looking like scrambled waffle or machines that require scrubbing when your waffle won’t get out of the machine.

Removable Cook Plates– this has two parts: a) cleaning is so much easier if you can remove the cook plates and even better if they are dishwasher safe b) often if there are removable cook plates there are other cook plates available if they don’t come with it.  This will make your waffle machine into so many more appliances, Panini press, griddle, grill and many more.

Storage – knowing how much space you are willing to give to storing your waffle maker is important.  If you live in a home with little storage, a waffle maker that stores upright or cooks fewer sections may be the answer.  While you may not have to store your waffle maker vertically, you may not need that tall double waffle maker or even a machine that flips because they tend to be taller.


For such a simple food, there is a lot to consider.  When cooked correctly and with a quality machine, waffles can start your weekend with warmth and comfort.  Belgian waffle makers have evolved and are producing restaurant quality waffles right in your own kitchen and at minimal cost. You can also take your cooking to another level or entertain your children by experimenting with different foods in the waffle maker. Waffles have always been fun food with their “treasure ditches” now your options are limitless.

All 10 of the above suggested Belgian waffle makers would make a great addition to any kitchen.  By making your own waffles, you can create just the right waffle topping combination.  They all have good consumer comments, and there are some to fit any price point.