Best Boomco Guns


No. 1
BOOMco. Rapid Madness Blaster (Discontinued by manufacturer)
  • The BOOMco. Rapid Madness Blaster features a semi/fully auto firing system
  • Includes 1 blaster
  • A great gift that any boy is sure to love
No. 2
BOOMco. Farshot Blue White Blaster
  • BOOMco. Blue White Far shot
  • BOOMco. Blue White Far shot
  • BOOMco. Blue White Far shot
No. 3
BOOMCO. Farshot Yellow Blue Blaster
  • BOOMco. Yellow Blue Far shot
  • BOOMco. Yellow Blue Far shot
  • BOOMco. Yellow Blue Far shot
No. 4
BOOMco. Twisted Spinner Blaster
  • HaveABlast with BOOMco.!
  • 310 degrees rotating barrel blasting action!
  • Push button removable Smart Stick transforming blaster shields
  • Fires up to 70 feet
  • Includes 8 Smart Stick darts and a Smart Stick target
No. 5
BOOMCO. Farshot Red White Blaster
  • BOOMco. Red White Far shot
  • BOOMco. Red White Far shot
  • BOOMco. Red White Far shot
SaleNo. 6
BOOMCO. Halo Covenant Darts & Targets Pack
  • With 30 Smart Stick darts at the ready, it’s easy to reload your blasters and keep the action going and going
  • Darts come in a blue body with black tip and magenta body with black tip - perfect for all your Covenant (or UNSC) blasters
  • Includes 2 exclusive HALO Smart Stick targets Do not stick on walls, floors or furniture
  • Compatible with both UNSC and Covenant HALO blasters
  • Dive into the HALO Universe - blaster first!
No. 7
BOOMco RailStinger Blaster
  • Two awesome ways to play on the battlefield
  • Shoot single fire for long-range accuracy, up to 60 feet
  • Collapse the handle and attach it to other BOOMCo. blasters with rails to double your blasting action
  • Includes 2 Smart Stick Darts
  • Included Smart Stick sticky backed target to create your own battle zone
No. 8
BOOMco. Spinsanity 3X Blaster, Standard Packaging
  • Battery-powered chambers rotates for steady, rapid fire blasting fun!
  • Pump the blaster to move to the next barrel without having to reload
  • Has a 30-dart capacity
  • Shoots up to an awesome 70 feet!
  • Comes with 30 Smart Stick darts and 1 Smart Stick target

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