Bosch 10.8V Cordless Mini Grinder Review


Looking for a great little grinder for your home or garage projects? Then the Bosch 10.8 Mini Grinder might be a great fit for you! Check out the review video and get the right tool for the job!

Safety When Using The Bosche Cordless Grinder

Unlike drill motors that run at about 700 to 1,200 rpm, grinders spin at a breakneck speed of 10,000 to 11,000 rpm. They’re fast enough to be scary! Follow these precautions for safe grinder use:

  • Wear a face shield and gloves.
  • Unplug the grinder when you’re changing wheels.
  • Attach the handle and maintain a firm grip with both hands.
  • Use the guard if possible.
  • Run new wheels for one minute in a protected area before using them to make sure the wheel isn’t defective.
  • Orient the work so debris is directed downward.
  • Keep bystanders away. Everyone in the vicinity should wear safety glasses.
  • Orient the work so the wheel spins away from, not into, sharp edges. Wheels, especially wire wheels, can catch on an edge and throw the work piece or cause the grinder to kick back (Photo 1).
  • Keep sparks away from flammable materials.
  • Clamp or secure the work piece in some fashion.
  • Store angle grinders out of children’s reach.