Cutlery Drawer: Declutter and Organize Silverware


My silverware drawer is probably one of the most frequently opened drawers in the house – why keep looking at a mess that many times a day? And why did I have so many forks?

Simple organization with a big pay off! Can you think of an area in your home that you access often but aren’t happy with? Give the steps a try and see if you can add a little more functionality to your home.

Products Mentioned:

Shelf Liner: Dollar Tree but here is a similar product:

Small containers (the ones that fit and didn’t fit): Dollar Tree

Cutlery Organizer: or – I got mine from Target several years ago.

Reusable Stainless Steel Straws:

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I’m a stay at home mom to two girls — a toddler and a baby. I breastfeed, cloth diaper, practice elimination communication (as a way to not clean poop), and shop at Dollar Tree a little too often. I think living with less is the best way to feel like you have more; to feed your soul; to more easily seek deeper meaning in life; to be happier. See how that conflicts with Dollar Tree — it’s complicated people. I believe a clear countertop can lead to a clear mind — really. I have a love hate relationship with my naturally curly hair. I used to hate crafting and had more fails than wins, but I’ve found a way to enjoy it and look forward to making things with my hands. I’m a former public school teacher who is considering homeschooling — don’t tell my colleagues. I believe children should experience education, not simply “get” one. I sometimes struggle to find my purpose. I forget to enjoy the journey and rather focus on the outcome. I believe you can better yourself and strengthen your mind and I want to share my process, experiences, and thoughts as a way to continue to grow. I seek deeper meaning (but dang — sometimes I need a break from that too and just want to watch Nacho Libre and have a good laugh) and conversation but don’t have people to converse with — so join me, will you?


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