Finding Pole Dancing Classes Near You


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Curious to try pole dancing classes?

We can help.

Pole dancing classes are a funny thing in that what you will experience from one class or studio to the next can be completely and absolutely different – and that is not a bad thing. There are many styles of pole dancing classes out there and this simple guide will help you find the right one for you.

Pole dancing classes can be broken down into 4 main categories

1. Athletic Pole Dancing Classes

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(aka: acrobatic, sport, vertical, competitive)

This style of pole dance is uber impressive… and quite challenging! You’ve seen the dozens of videos where top athletes from around the world compete in gorgeous gravity-defying routines. Although the average woman can accomplish a smattering of the moves it takes a strict dedication to strength and tone in order to become proficient in this style of pole dance.

Athletic pole dancing classes do not generally focus as much on floor work or dance moves away from the pole – they are more about being connected to the pole as a beautiful and impressive form of vertical dance and gymnastics. Beginners can easily injure themselves or get discouraged if they do not start with a good amount of muscle so unless you are already conditioned it is good to approach this style slowly and learn over time as you are able.  Most athletic teachers are very aware of safety and will coach you to your level. You’ll be surprised at what you can do!

What is a class like?

In a typical class you may have your own pole or you may share a pole with someone else since the moves can be extremely taxing and it is helpful to watch others and have spotters.

The required attire is generally a sports bra and short shorts + (sometimes) pole dance heels.

Athletic pole dancing classes are typically done in full light with mirrors.

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Of course, all pole dancing classes are athletic, artistic, often aerobic and downright sexy!

This guide is simply meant to help you understand that there are many styles of pole classes available.

Often, a key difference between “athletic” and “artistic” pole dancing classes is found in the setting: whether or not they use mirrors, brighter lighting and more athletic outfits (as are needed for more gymnastic moves).

The more athletic classes also tend to move through pole trick progressions at a faster pace, which is preferred for those starting with strength but can also be frustrating for the everyday woman. The more artistic pole dance classes blend in a lot of dance instruction and often deliver pole tricks at a more graduated pace, helping build strength and coordination along the way.

Remember, athletic classes are still artistic, artistic classes are still athletic and all pole dancing classes are awesome. Find the right one for you!

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2. Artistic Pole Dancing Classes


(aka: sensual, improvisational, striptease)

For the every day woman who simply wants to infuse her life with a sense of sexy confidence there is no better class than an artistic pole dancing class. These classes are easily recognized by their encouragement toward creating improvisational dancers – giving them routines and sexy choreography as building blocks to learn the art of sensual dance. They incorporate many elements besides the pole (dance from other feminine or sexy genres including lap dancing, striptease and more) but also do incorporate all the fun and impressive pole moves that the average woman can accomplish.

A thorough course will, by the top level, have taught you to do dozens of spins plus many climbing and inverted tricks (often over 100 moves). And, it will incorporate a workout that helps you gain success in the pole tricks as you go through each level so you don’t injure yourself if you don’t start out at a high level of fitness.  Artistic pole dancing classes excel at helping women learn to confidently dance for a lover, often accomplishing that through an internal journey that is less performance-focused.

What is a class like?

In a typical class you will share a pole with a couple other people since the tricks are taught over a greater length of time and geared for all fitness levels to be successful.

The attire is general work-out wear (t-shirt/tank top + yoga pants/capris/shorts) with bare legs only being necessary in the intermediate and upper levels. Pole dance shoes are often optional.

Artistic pole dancing classes are usually done in low light with little to no mirrors.

Examples include: (in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Houston), Phoenix + at sister studios in the US & Canada) and in Seattle.

3. Aerobic Pole Dancing Classes

(aka: pole fitness, cardio)

What better way to burn calories than with a pole in your hand? There are many classes that do just that. These pole dancing classes are not necessarily designed to teach you to dance independently, but rather to give you a fun and creative way to workout while being led by an instructor. The choreography is fast paced and generally changes each class. You will learn some spins and tricks – often 1-2 per class as will be used in that day’s routine.

Studios that specialize in this type of pole dancing classes will often supplement their core classes with tricks-based & lap dance or strip tease workshops to help the students gain a broader experience.

What is a class like?

In each class it is mandatory that there be no more than 1 person per pole since each person will be following the teacher through the routine the entire duration of the class.

Attire is typically a sports bra or tank top and short shorts + pole dance heels.

Aerobic pole dancing classes are done in full light with mirrors.

Examples include: (in Chicago) and certain classes at (in Orlando).

4. Authentic Pole Dancing Classes

(aka: traditional, exotic, stripper)

There are some pole dancing classes that are especially good for those who are actually working in pole dance clubs. These studios come from a performance perspective that is more about encouraging tips and safety for repetitive movement than working on personal confidence or connection to an individual partner.

These studios are extremely helpful for those who need instruction in their profession but, depending on how much industry lingo is infused into the classes, are sometimes found to be less comfortable for the average woman.

What is a class like?

These pole dancing classes will focus on club-based stripper performance technique, pole moves and safety in order to prepare students appropriately for their working environment.

In summary, the right studio for you is the one that will meet your goals.

  • If you are simply looking to have fun, boost your confidence and get a workout look for a studio that focuses on the artistic side of pole dance.
  • If you are super athletic and looking forward to tackling new gymnastic feats (or looking to become a competitive pole dancer) find a studio that has advanced athletic instruction available.
  • If you just want to burn as many calories as possible through an alternative aerobic workout look for a studio that offers those classes.
  • And, of course, if you dance in an authentic club look for a studio that specializes in that angle of performance.