Godmorn Chef Knife Review



Today I’m going to show you a tool that just may help your time in the kitchen be more easy and hassle-free. So I was sent a chef’s knife from Godmorn, and so I figured today, I would do a little quick, unboxing and review here.

So there we are here’s the chef’s knife inside. We just have a couple warranty, we have a warranty card and we have the user manual. We take this out, we’ll see the the chef’s knife, they have a sheath in the plastic so and it has a nice ergonomic handle it is. It is lightweight, it is a carbon stainless steel, so that means that it is going to be sharp and is going to be durable. So, but the biggest the biggest thing when it comes to a chef’s knife, is that you’re looking for a chef’s knife, that’s going to be really like an extension of your hand right you want it to be, where it’s minimal effort to do the work that you’re looking to do so, I’m going to go ahead and try this out, and you can see this chef’s knife in action and then I’ll give you my closing thoughts.

You know I mentioned that you really wanted a knife that was kind of like an extension of your own. You know of your own hand, and I will say that the first thing I liked was I liked that I was able to hold the chef’s knife and you can actually see the space that exists between the blade and my finger. So that way, I had enough room to maneuver the knife without having to worry about where I had my my front finger and in order to get it caught on the end of the chef’s knife, which was which was great.


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