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SaleNo. 1
GopherHawk Trapping Set, Includes Wedge and Probe Tool, 1 GH-SET
  • Gopher trapping made clean and easy, from above ground all without a shovel.
  • With no bait, poison, or chemicals used, gopherhawk organic and safe.
  • Includes everything needed in one box, Gopher trap, Wedge, and probe.
  • The combination Wedge and probe tool is used in place of a shovel for locating and opening a Gopher run.
  • Never touch the Gopher or the dirt. Not shovel, no digging, no mess.
SaleNo. 2
GopherHawk Single Trap for Gophers and Moles, 1 GH-TRP
  • Does not include the Wedge & Probe tool.
  • Purchase Trapping Set first before purchasing Single Traps.
SaleNo. 3
Victor M9013 Gopher 2 Traps, Black
  • Pincher-style gopher trap
  • Designed to be placed in the tunnel or down the mound opening
  • All steel construction for superior strength and durability
  • Powder coated for weather resistance
  • Moving parts are kept completely below ground for safety
SaleNo. 4
Victor 0611 Easy Set Gopher Trap Twin Pack
  • Pincher-style trap effectively eliminates gophers in their tunnels
  • Narrow design and short base for easy tunnel application
  • Galvanized Steel construction ensures superior durability
  • Designed to be placed in the runway or mound opening
  • Moving parts are securely underground when in use
No. 5
12 DK-1 Gopher Traps, Pocket Gopher Traps
  • Finishes the Job Poisons Start
  • Perfect for Pocket Gophers, setting diretions included.
  • All Steel Construction
  • Humanly dispatch proble gophers
  • Traps are set below the surface. Safe from pets and children.
No. 6
The Original Blackhole Gopher/Rodent Trap
  • SAFE AND FAST - Spring-loaded trap catches pests for easy elimination and disposal.
  • REUSABLE - Made of rugged plastic construction which is weather resistant and can be reused for continued use.
  • EFFECTIVE - Once a pest has been caught, simply empty the trap, reload, and replace.
  • NO POISON - No need for harmful Poison's or Gases, this safe and Non-Toxic trap is spring loaded for a clean and quick kill.
  • ELIMINATE PESTS - Use on more than just gophers. The Black Hole trap works for many common pests including rats, moles, mice, voles, shrews,...
No. 7
Cinch Gopher Trap with Tunnel Marking Flag (Large) Heavy-Duty, Reusable Rodent Trapping System | Lawn, Garden, and...
  • All-Purpose Rodent Trap – This smart cinch system can be used to trap gophers, moles, or other rodents before they cause more damage to...
  • Quick-Cinch Capture – A more humane method of capturing gophers, the cinch trap snaps closed around the neck and locks them in place...
  • Heavy-Duty USA Construction – Crafted with a galvanized steel this gophers trap can be used in any type of yard or outdoor area and even...
  • Reusable and Eco-Friendly – Safer than poisons and chemicals, our metal gopher traps that work let you re-bury the gopher in their own...
  • Trusted Quality Assurance – Gopher trapping with cinch traps is not only easier we back our products with a manufacturer’s warranty to...
No. 8
Gonzo 100518702 Dead End Packaged Gopher Trap, White
  • Easy To Set Up And Easy To Clean
  • Highly Effective
  • No Poisons Or Gases
  • Color: White

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