High-gloss color cabinet finishes



My wife really likes the high-gloss lacquer look as seen at http://www.27estore.com/high-gloss-color-lacquered-cabinet-doors but we need to go with full custom cabinets due to our space and appliances, and I want 3/4 plywood boxes instead of MDF anyway.

So we found a custom cabinet maker, but his finisher wasn’t able to match that sample. He used a pre-catalyzed conversion varnish, but it came out a bit soft (as in “easily scratched”) and not very glossy.

Nobody we’ve talked to can work out how the rock-hard glossy finish from the 27estore sample was obtained… one place suggested a solid acrylic door, but that’s not the same either. And our cabinet maker doesn’t like the idea of fabricating boxes and having somebody else make the doors to measurements that are unlikely to be sufficiently precise.

So where do we go to get our cabinet maker’s MDF doors finished with the look we want, and does anyone even know what this finish really is? (Post-catalyze varnish, lacquer, lacquer with a different finish coat, polyurethane, polyester…?)


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