How to prevent kitchen island from tipping



I’m looking at an island base of 24″x48″, with the 24″ right side along a wall, the bottom side of the 48″ run with a standard 1.5″ overhang. However, the top side of the island will have a 15″ overhang and the left side of the 24″ side will have a 8″ overhang. Here’s a [quick and dirty image]( of what I’m talking about.


The countertop will be quartz. Now, is it possible to keep the over hang with no supports or corbels? What would I need to do that?


Secondly, how would I best attach it to the floor and/or wall? The floor is currently finished with tile (plywood subfloor). What would you recommend for the best fastener to use to not just prevent it from moving side to side, but help stop the upward force of the counter if a downward force is applied on the overhang of the countertop/cantilever?


I was looking to reinforce the rear/overhang wall of the base with a 2×4 pony wall to help support the countertop as well. I don’t know how to secure it for both falling, and from cracking. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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