Pimp my Kitchen




We are in contract for this house and we want spice up the kitchen.

We really want a new modern kitchen, but this will be our first time so be gentle.

Please link any photos or galleries of a great looking designs that you think wold work in this kitchen. The wall color will be change to a light grey color.

No matter what we want new counter tops and a new sink.
However we’ve never done a kitchen before so we are in need of other ideas to pull it all together.

We really don’t know if we should keep the cabinets (not the best color in our opinion) and work the other features around them, such as counter tops, floors and back splash.

We are also considering painting them (white if it would work), but I worry that may ruin them.

Then there is the floor which we don’t know what to do, honestly I wish the floor in the rest of the house extended through the kitchen.

We’d be contracting out the work so keep that in mind with cost.


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