Shan Zu 8 inch Ceramic Chef Knife Review


Shan Zu 8 inch Ceramic Chef Knife – What Makes It Great?

This is a great ceramic chef knife that’s made from completely non toxic material, and is fully FDA SGS approved. The refined Zirconium Oxide won’t change color or warp over time, and stays incredibly sharp. No bacterial growth to deal with when you use this chef’s knife!

The edge of the blade is designed for precision slicing and cutting, and it’s not going to go dull on you any time soon. It’s excellent for daily use, and you’ll quickly find it becoming your go-to knife in the kitchen! Keep in mind that you should only hand wash and dry this chef’s knife when you use it.

Size: Knife Blade: 8 inch Knife Handle: 4.7 inch Blade Width: 1.7 inch
Gift Box: 15 inch Knife Shealth: 8.6 inch Knife Total: 12.7 inch