The Longest Running TV Shows in American History Pt 1


Some of the greatest shows in American television history are remembered as being outstanding, but most have a short run. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, for example, only ran for six seasons in the 1990s. Breaking Bad only had five seasons. The final season was split into two portions as fit the wire. The Sopranos only ran six seasons, but not every great show has a short lifespan. Take the Simpsons, for example, though most would admit that their best seasons are in the rearview mirror. Fox’S cash cow cartoon has been around since before Michael Jordan won his first NBA championship.

We took a look at The Simpsons plus all the other longest-running TV shows in American history. Some may surprise you!

Captain Kangaroo Captain Kangaroo duration, 29 years. Captain Kangaroo was a beloved show for people of a certain age having run from 1955 to 1984 on CBS, the kids show actually featured no kangaroos and the name came from the large pockets on host Bob’s iconic coat. The premise was loose with a format that featured puppets specials guests and cartoon shorts. Captain Kangaroo had several cast members that would go on to various levels of fame, including Bill Cosby and Kevin clashed the latter providing the voice of Elmo on Sesame Street next.

The first soap opera on the list – Love of Life, duration, 29 years, love of life was a soap opera. The first of many on the list that ran on CBS from 1951 to 1980. This show starred, Audrey, Peters and Ron Tom and ran in black and white until 1967, when it switched to color. The show originally followed the lives of a pair of sisters but later evolved to bring on several different storylines love of life famously ended its run on a cliffhanger with character, Betsy Crawford collapsing after testifying in court.