Vegetti Review – Or At Least Something Like It!


This is supposed to be one of those tongue-in-cheek and kind of mean product reviews about something. That’S as seen on tv, cuz, they’re, usually junk, and I throw them in the trash, but this time I’m actually gonna give it a shot.

The first thing I want to point out is that I’d not get the model that you have seen on TV with the handy ergonomic grip, which makes it a little awkward. Also I felt like I wasn’t processing all of my zucchini. I mean I used a fork to get more of it out, but if you’re, not careful, this thing will make finger Getty. Now I made this video in late winter in Colorado, where apparently, the selection of zucchini is not that great.

The zucchinis that I was able to find were really small and skinny, but with three of them I was only able to make about a serving and a half of this stuff. Now the whole idea of this stuff is that it replaces your pasta, which is fatty and carbee and glutenish or whatever, and it sounds like a bunch of hippie dippie baloney to me now, obviously you’re not just gonna boil it like you, would regular noodles. So I had to ask Google and Google said to saute it for a little bit. Add some salt, pepper and garlic to season it, while you’re stirring all this in you’ll find the big chunks that didn’t get cut properly, which there will be.

Then you add about a third of a cup of water and you let it boil – and you taste test it once in a while to see when it reaches the right al dente, for you, these guys might know how I feel about health food. It’S not my thing and I think, most of the time that’s kind of silly and I was fully prepared for this to be awful. But to be honest, so far it’s kind of not bad. It’S pretty good, but I’m gonna go ahead and put any sauce on it and see how it goes. It looks weird it’s very green, but oh, my noodles are too long holy cow. I could totally do that. Man, as seen on tv works, see you next time.